Bottomless Crackers
served with
Good Food & Banner’s Warmth
this Christmas
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Some of you have been coming back to us for Festive Christmas for up to 29 years. We have learnt from you.
We know that when we over-styled a menu one year with “festive” food, it wasn’t clever and you weren’t happy.
We definitely know that you come to us for “Banner’s” food and if we take a favourite dish off your festive menu we are in trouble, so we don’t.
But, we have a ritual of making our own Christmas puddings every year.
Chef Tim will use his Grandmother’s recipe again. Except, she didn’t serve hers with rum custard!

We have fresh cranberries spilling out of our bar and kitchen fridges in December, as our chefs and bartenders duel for the topmost creative way to serve them to you.
Pigs will always be tucked tenderly into their blankets by us. Last year we were set to wrap a little chorizo in a slice of jamon – guessing that’s something like how you’ll find them this year.
Turkey, yes alright, but always our way!
You’ll know that we are never ashamed to adorn your tables with tasteless good taste, colour and sparkle.
That way nobody can forget that jolly merrymaking should have no boundaries.

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for 7 and more
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