Warm croissant – £2.50
with jam or marmalade

Brown or white toast – £2.25
with jam or marmalade

Jamaican breakfast – £9.95
with ackee, bacon, boiled eggs, spicy beans, hash browns and warm traditional roti

Creamy yoghurt – £4.70
with banana, honey and muesli (contains nuts)

Two Manx kippers – £8.50
with toast

Bacon baguette – £4.75

Bacon baguette – £4.95
with jalapeno chillies

Scrambled eggs – £7.95
with chorizo and cheese and toast

Hash browns – £7.95
with two fried eggs, three bacon rashers and maple syrup

Refried beans – £7.95
with two fried eggs and jalapenos

Banners potatoes – £8.25
with two fried eggs (New potatoes fried with onion, chilli and with or without bacon pieces)

Meat fry up – £9.50
two fried eggs, bacon, sausage or black pudding, mushrooms,tomatoes, baked beans and toast

No meat fry up – £8.95
two fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried plantain, baked beans and toast

Bubble and squeak – £7.75
with two fried eggs

Two fried eggs – £4.50
on brown or white toast

Scrambled or poached eggs – £4.75
on toast

Spicy bean and manchego cheese quesadilla – £9.50
with chorizo, eggs, salsa, soured cream and guacamole

Spicy bean and manchego cheese quesadilla – £8.50
with eggs, salsa, soured cream without guacamole

Jamaican gingerbread pancakes – £7.95
with eggs, streaky bacon and grilled tomatoes

The old Bombay burrito – £9.25
Scrambled eggs ,flattered with coriander and paprika on top of a south Indian paratha with coconut sambal

Eggs in purgatory – £7.95
Eggs baked in a fiery tomato ragu with mortadella, cheese and toast